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What is The Center for Transformative Movement?

Our 'mission’ at The Center for Transformative Movement is to inspire people in our community to understand and EXPERIENCE FOR THEMSELVES, the ability expressive movement and dance has to help people de-stress, energize and rejuvenate themselves.  We do that by creating classes, workshops and events that bring people together around substantive, FUN and transformative activities.  

What We Do

Bringing Dance to the Public Realm - Bandshell Boogie

Sensual Dance - Primal Elegance

Research in Movement & Dance

We have found through experience dancing with thousands of people, and, from our scientific research, that dance is one of the most effortless and fun ways to feel better about themselves and more connected with others and the world around them.  Dance has been documented to be an easily-accessible antidote to the unprecedented levels of our society-wide epidemics of:

Motion As Medicine

In our efforts to bring more societal awareness about the many benefits of dance, The Center for Transformative Movement has begun to conduct research exploring the physical, emotional and meta-physical benefits and RELEASE that dance can provide for people from all walks of life - including both those new to dance and other forms of creative movement as well as with seasoned dancers.

Through our research, we have found that participants consistently report a part of themselves that wants, and actually craves, more creative expression, whatever that might look like in their own life. We are all on a spectrum in the desire for this type of expression and all can have the opportunity to stretch to our creative edges, no matter where we fall on the spectrum of creative self- expression. We look forward to continued scientific exploration of this desire in individuals for increased creative self-expression.

•    Stress and unhappiness

•    High crime rates

•    Incidents of accidents

•    Growing numbers of teen suicide

•    Alarming rate of, and over-reliance on pharmaceutical drugs

•    ‘Dis-ease’ of all kinds

Who We Are

LISA FASULLO, Founder of Center for Transformative Movement

As founder and director of The Center for Transformative Movement located in Boulder, Colorado, Lisa combines her master’s degrees in both Health Education and Social Work with her love of dance, creating exciting, therapeutic and transformative movement classes and environments where people can discover simple, fun ways to bring more play, ease and connection into their lives. 


She has inspired thousands of individuals - of all ages and walks of life - to have fun and feel more lit up about their lives using dance as a practice similar to martial arts or yoga for awakening, igniting and radiating personal creativity, inner-strength and confidence, the benefits of which transfer effortlessly in other parts of their lives including career, relationships, parenthood and self-image.


Most recently, Lisa is the author of a scientific research article exploring the physical, emotional, social and transformative benefits of movement and dance, published in The Journal of Dance, Movement & Spiritualities.  She continues to be fascinated about the subtle, yet powerful transformation and magic that occurs when people simply start to move their bodies for fun!


Musical Director


Event & Marketing Coordinator


Operations & Stage Manager

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